About Mike

Mike Dillman has been a raw-vegan since 2004.  Originally learning the ropes from the various "raw gurus" online, he discovered that some of their advice wasn't giving him what he was looking for.

Never having been interested in any of the more extreme approaches that many raw-foodists spoke to, Mike wanted something more practical.

After spending years finding his way through the distractions of juicers, dehydrators, crazy recipes and all the expensive buzz-word supplements, he arrived at a raw-vegan diet that's both amazingly healthy and easy to fit into nearly anyone's real-world lifestyle.

Having worked his way through the learning process already, he hopes his experiences will help you find the great health you're looking for too.


When he's not writing about raw health, Mike is usually exercising or reading.   He's an avid sports fan who leads an active lifestyle, working out at the gym, cycling, and playing basketball. He spent most of his first 32 years in British Columbia but currently resides near Toronto, Ontario.  He has an MBA and BBA and works in the real estate development industry.