Raw Diet Fundamentals: The 7 Biggest Raw Mistakes
Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 10:00AM
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To get the best out of something, it's always important to understand the fundamentals.

If you're going to become good at a sport, you need to know the rules.  If you're going to do well at your job, you need to know what's expected of you.  If you're going to make a fancy dinner, you need to know the recipe.  This logic holds true with your raw-vegan diet as well. 

For those of you who've already subscribed to my newsletter, you'll likely recognize the following post.  It's the summary from my free eBook "The 7 Biggest Raw Mistakes".

Even if you've seen this already, I strongly recommend looking at it again.  These simple rules are some of the most important guidelines to ensuring you succeed on your raw vegan diet.  Not only should you look at them now, but I suggest printing them off and referring to them regularly.  Put them on your fridge and keep reading them every day until remembering them is effortless.  Once these rules become a regular part of your raw-vegan diet, you'll be well on your way to achieving the incredible health you deserve.

The 7 Biggest Raw Mistakes

  1. Just because it’s raw, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. 
    You shouldn’t get so caught up on the term raw that you forget what’s more important — healthy.  There are plenty of "raw" recipes that will leave you feeling like crap.

  2. Don’t eat too much dried fruit and fats.
    Relying heavily on dense foods like dried fruit, nuts and oils will weigh you down, dehydrate and constipate you.  You’ll likely even end up feeling worse than if you just ate a standard cooked diet.

  3. It’s a single-lane road.
    Your digestive tract is a single-lane road.  Don’t eat slow-digesting foods before quick-digesting foods or you’ll be setting yourself up for indigestion, gas and cramps.

  4. Eat enough calories.
    If you aren’t getting enough calories you’ll always feel hungry — no matter what diet you’re on.  You need to realize that fresh fruits and vegetables are less dense (calorie-wise) than most cooked foods, so you need to eat a larger volume than you may be used to.

  5. Don’t buy unnecessary appliances.
    Don’t waste your money on appliances that do nothing but stray you away from the foundation of the raw-vegan diet — simple, whole foods.  I strongly recommend getting a Vita-Mix, because smoothies are the cornerstone to succeeding on a raw diet. Other than that, you shouldn’t need any significant appliances.

  6. Plan ahead and be prepared.
    This really comes down to just making sure you have enough fruits and vegetables on hand to keep you full.  Having a well-stocked kitchen and taking food to work or school with you will make things easy.

  7. Be dedicated, but not a fanatic.
    Enthusiasm is good, but don’t over-burden yourself.  Expecting perfection from yourself will only drag you down and lead to frustration.

In the next seven blog posts I'm going to address each of these rules in more detail.  Tomorrow we'll start with Rule # 1.


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