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Raw Mistake # 5: Buying unnecessary appliances.

Today we're going to look at the fifth of The 7 Biggest Raw Mistakes.

Raw Mistake # 5: 
Buying unnecessary appliances.

The topic of appliances seems to confuse many raw foodists. They often get caught up trying to decide whether they should buy this juicer or that juicer, or what kind of dehydrator they need to invest in.  My advice to you is, 'don’t waste your money'.  You can absolutely succeed on a raw-vegan diet with minimal appliances. 

The fundamental point of eating raw-vegan is to embrace the simplicity of it.  You may hear all sorts of praise about how wonderful juicer ‘X’ is.  How it can extract every last drop of juice from a carrot or a blade of wheatgrass in seconds, or how it can launch an astronaut into space.  Don't let these glossy marketing claims sway you.  I'm not saying they're inaccurate or untrue.  I'm just saying, 'who cares?'.  Those machines may be impressive and great quality, but they’re offering something that you don't need.  In fact, in some ways they can even be counter-productive. 

One of the greatest benefits of a raw-vegan diet is that you’re eating whole foods.  That means the water and the fiber are still present.  When you juice your fruits and vegetables, you lose the fiber.  This causes several problems.  The obvious one is that, without fiber, your body can’t effectively keep your digestive processes moving at the proper pace.  We rely upon the fiber in our foods to allow our intestines to keep pushing everything along, so when you remove that fiber, things grind to a halt.  Another, less obvious, problem relates to blood sugar levels.  When you eat a whole orange, it’s digested at a certain rate and the sugars are absorbed and used by your body with ease. When you drink a glass of orange juice, however, the process happens too quickly.  There is virtually no delay in digestion because the fiber's missing.  The sugars are absorbed at an extremely quick rate and as a result your blood sugar level can spike, followed by a quick drop again as the ‘sugar rush’ subsides.  This quick rising and falling is unhealthy and uncomfortable — potentially causing energy swings and headaches.  Furthermore, it can be of significantly greater concern for people who already have blood sugar problems. 

I own several ‘elite’ juicers, but I never use them.  Instead, they're sitting in the basement in their boxes.  The only juicer I ever use is a simple citrus juicer for squeezing some lemon juice for the occasional dressing recipe.  I don’t own a dehydrator either.  Like I explained in Raw Mistake # 2, it’s tougher to digest a dehydrated, concentrated food.  Why spend a bunch of time and energy turning an ideal, hydrated, whole food into a concentrated, dried food?  Not only is it a waste of effort, but it undermines the whole point of what you’re trying to achieve, which is eating the most optimal foods in their most natural form.  I doubt that you’ll be motivated to make any of those long, drawn-out, dried recipes anyway.  As I learned in the early going, it’s painfully time-consuming and the results aren’t what you’re looking for anyway.  Simply put, I don’t recommend that you spend your time or money on expensive juicers or dehydrators. 

There is one appliance that's definitely worth the investment, however.  That’s the Vitamix.  From across the room, you might identify it as a blender, but once you get some hands-on experience, you'll discover right away that this machine is infinitely greater than any department store blender.  Vitamix blenders are the ones you see at virtually any commercial juice bar.  Their considerable power and their much greater size allow them to handle jobs that your typical blender would never come close to managing.  For these reasons, a Vitamix is the ultimate smoothie-making machine, and the convenience factor of having one at home will pay for itself many, many times over.  I literally use mine several times, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  If I ever lost mine, I’d buy a replacement immediately.  It’s that much of an asset to me.  If you want to take a further look at why I think a Vitamix is the only appliance a raw-vegan needs, I've dedicated a separate post to that topic right here.  

In summary, don't overspend on appliances for your new raw-vegan kitchen. The only appliance you’ll need is a Vitamix for making smoothies.  Other than that, you really won’t need anything.


  • We aren’t cooking anything.  
  • We aren’t dehydrating because fruits containing their natural moisture are much more readily digestible. 
  • We aren’t juicing because a whole fruit is vastly superior to fruit juice. 

When you look at it that way, how many appliances do you really need?


Mike Dillman has lived a raw-vegan diet since 2004. Because he's experienced the learning curve firsthand, he wants to save you from making the same mistakes yourself. You can visit Mike's blog at Real-World-Raw.com to learn how easy it can be to make a raw-vegan diet fit your busy lifestyle. You can also download his free eBook, "The 7 Biggest Raw Mistakes", where Mike lays out the major missteps beginning raw foodists make that undermine their success and tells you how you can avoid them. To get your free eBook click here.

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