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Raw Mistake # 6: Not being prepared.

Today we're going to look at the sixth of The 7 Biggest Raw Mistakes.

Raw Mistake # 6: 
Not being prepared.

A little bit of planning goes a long way towards succeeding on a raw-vegan diet.  Obviously, you can only eat what you have available to you, so you need to keep fresh fruits and vegetables accessible. 

The first way to do this is to keep your kitchen well stocked.  It may take you a little while to get used to gauging how much produce you’ll be going through, but after a while you’ll get in a routine and basically have a standard shopping list outlined.  In my case, I shop once per week and I buy enough fruits and vegetables to fill my fridge, plus about a dozen bunches of bananas for my smoothies.  Yes, bunches. You aren’t going to succeed on a raw-vegan diet if you starve yourself. 

The second way to be prepared is to eat before you go out.  It’s a lot easier to choose what you eat at home where you control your environment.  It’s not so easy to rely on what you'll be able to get out and about.  If you know you’re going to get hungry an hour after leaving the house, I recommend that you eat something before you go. 

The third way to be prepared should now be obvious.  Take food with you.  If you find that it's not very practical to take a bunch of loose fruits and veggies with you, that's okay.  We've already found a great solution for that, thanks to our trusty Vitamix.  Make a couple of smoothies in advance and put them in thermoses or quality water bottles.  They’re optimal on-the-go meals.  You don’t need any utensils, there are no peels to discard, they’re super-easy to digest, they’re unassuming so you don’t become a spectacle in the cafeteria or break room, and you’ll easily be able to fill yourself up.  Making smoothies makes it much easier to get your fruit quota for the day, and they taste awesome!  Add a salad if you like, and you’ll have an easy raw-vegan day’s meals ready to go with minimal effort.

I spend at most a total of 25 minutes per day doing food prep and cleanup, combined.  If I was cooking meals and cleaning the resulting dishes, it would easily take me twice that long, plus I’d be less healthy because of it!  A little organization makes a big difference.  I’ve been doing this routine for years and it works great!


Mike Dillman has lived a raw-vegan diet since 2004. Because he's experienced the learning curve firsthand, he wants to save you from making the same mistakes yourself. You can visit Mike's blog at Real-World-Raw.com to learn how easy it can be to make a raw-vegan diet fit your busy lifestyle. You can also download his free eBook, "The 7 Biggest Raw Mistakes", where Mike lays out the major missteps beginning raw foodists make that undermine their success and tells you how you can avoid them. To get your free eBook click here.

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