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Protein Supplements are Totally Unnecessary

The other day, I was reading a magazine and came across an ad for vegetarian protein supplements.  Because the ad shared one of the common tricks pulled by supplement companies, I thought I'd share it with you.

The ad opens with the headline, "Real Health... Starts with Real Foods"
It's a pretty good line.  I'd use it myself if it weren't taken already.

Going further, the ad reads, "Did you know that plant-based proteins can provide enough essential and non-essential amino acids to meet your dietary protein needs?"  Again, a very solid point.  I totally agree.

A little further down it states, "Diets high in plant-based foods are also typically lower in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than animal-based diets".  This is all good stuff.  I couldn't agree more.

So, I suppose you're wondering what my issue is with this ad.  Well, everything changes later on when they start pushing their products...

Somewhere along the line they decide that using their soy, rice or hemp protein supplements is an important move for your health.  This is where we part ways.

Simply put, there's no need to use their product if we take their earlier advice to heart and consume a diet "high in plant-based foods".  In other words, eating our raw-vegan diet.

Supplements of this sort are for people who don't want to make any real changes and would rather just stick a couple bandages overtop their bad habits. 

Don't waste your money on protein supplements.  They "solve" a problem that never needed fixing in the first place. 

Remember, as we covered in my book, your don't really need much protein.  Our bodies are amazingly effeicient in retaining and reusing it.  In fact, protein shouldn't comprise more than about 10% of your daily calories.   

If you're eating a healthy diet of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, you're already getting all the protein you need.  There's no need to try and get more elsewhere.


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