Soy Doesn't Belong in Your Raw Diet
Friday, October 9, 2009 at 10:00AM
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Soy beans are commonly used by vegetarians to fill the roles held by meat and dairy in the mainstream Western diet.  Rather than eating them in their whole form, which is unappealing and very hard to digest, soy beans are put through various refining processes and used to make a whole range of products such as soy “milk”, “cheese”, tofu and even mock “meats” — all of which are perceived by many as healthy alternatives to the animal products they replace. 

While it’s certainly a good move to drop meat and dairy from your diet, choosing to swap soy in their place isn’t really the big improvement you might think it is.  In fact, despite all the hype to the contrary, it might surprise you to learn that soy isn’t a very healthy food at all.

One of the proposed “benefits” of soy is that it’s hailed as a good source of protein and a key substitute for those who don’t eat meat.  What we rarely stop to consider, however, is that this solves a “problem” that never actually existed.  The widespread fear that vegetarians put themselves at risk of a lack of protein has no basis in reality.  Rather, it’s solely the result of years of one-sided marketing campaigns from the meat and dairy boards, and the tendency to trustingly follow-the-leader.  Remember, as we talked about earlier, you don’t need protein to make protein.  I really can’t stress this enough.  Your body builds its own proteins from amino acids — molecules which are, quite conveniently, abundantly available in fruits and vegetables.  So as long as you don’t take a vow against eating in general, you won’t have any trouble getting all the protein you need.

Consuming a high-protein diet is actually very unhealthy.  The overload of acid-forming minerals that we get from excess protein throws the body pH balance out of whack and causes a drain of alkaline minerals.  As we’ve already seen, alkaline mineral deficit has become a plague upon our society and a major contributor to many adverse health conditions — not least of which include osteoporosis and cancer.  Simply put, for the sake of our health, we don’t want to eat a high-protein diet.

Okay, so if we throw away soy’s primary selling point of being a vegan protein-source — and actually make that a strike against it — what does soy have left going for it?  Not much, actually.  Soy is very low in virtually all of the nutrients we need.  Its minerals are mostly of the acid-forming variety, it contains virtually no vitamins, and all the fiber has been refined out of it in the manufacturing processes.  This leaves us with a food that’s little more than a source of hard-to-digest, empty calories.

Once we come to see soy in its true light, all the initial appeal is washed away.  Who cares if it’s a vegan food — it’s still the total opposite of what we want.  The real foods that our bodies are designed to excel on aren’t made in factories, and they don’t require heavy processing to be made edible.  They can be eaten whole and fresh and are loaded with all the nutrients we need.  These include a full assortment of vitamins and minerals, soluble fiber and a natural moisture content — all of which seem to be sorely lacking in soy.  While the intentions may be good, relying on soy foods is a misguided effort and will leaving you falling far short of the spectacular health you deserve.


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