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Is "Flash Pasteurized" Juice a Good Substitute for Raw Smoothies?  


Whole-food smoothies

If you've read my book, or followed me for very long, you know I recommend making whole-food smoothies as the perfect meal-to-go.  In particular, I recommend keeping several made in advance and ready to take with you when you head to work or school.  This simple habit makes staying raw outside the home a really easy process. 

Flash-pasteurized juice

Of course, getting things done in advance like this requires a little bit of planning.  Sometimes things come up and we find ourselves rushing out the door without our lunch...  When I'm out and about and don't have a smoothie on hand, occasionally I'll grab one of those premium juices to tide me over.  I'm not talking about the regular juice you find in the grocery store aisles.  I mean the flash pasteurized ones you find in the refrigerated section. 

This begs the question, "Is flash pasteurized juice a good substitute for raw smoothies?" 

My answer is pretty simple.  "No." 

Flash pasteurized juices are a little better than cheap, conventional juices because they haven't been heavily processed.  They manage to retain a decent amount of their vitamins and minerals and thus can offer us some nutritional benefits.  That being said, no juice, pasteurized or not, can ever replace whole fruits and vegetables.  Our foods are much more than just the sum of their vitamins, minerals and calories.  There's a reason we don't just live off vitamin pills and sugar water.  Whole fruits and vegetables offer us so many indispensable nutrients that we often overlook.  Soluble fiber being one of the most important examples.  The high-quality fiber in a whole-food smoothie is an essential difference because it allows for a seamless digestive process rather than the potential blood sugar peaks and valleys that come from drinking large quantities of juice. 

An occasional fix, but not a true substitute

Juice is not an adequate substitute for fresh, whole, raw smoothies, packed with fruit and green vegetables.  You can't live off juice and experience anything close to the amazing health benefits that come from a raw-vegan diet.  But if we're just talking about grabbing a juice once in a while to keep you going, there's certainly no shame in that.  As long as you realize you aren't getting nearly the same benefits as you get from your raw-vegan diet.


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