"Raw" Vitamin Pills? What For?
Monday, November 23, 2009 at 1:00PM
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When I saw this, I could only shake my head in disbelief

"Raw" vitamin pills?

Sure... why not?  We've already got every other imaginable high-tech health product you can dream up.  How about another one.

Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.  It's not like we haven't gotten used to this.  Dozens of new "innovative" supplements products come out every week.  It's part of today's unfortunate state of affairs -- where health is an industry rather than a lifestyle.

Why this particular one ruffled my feathers is because of the "raw" label.  Most people are already confused about how to eat a raw diet properly.  Products like this only add to that confusion.

I don't like when people suggest you need to buy their supplements in order to experience better health.  Somehow it just seems a little bit suspect.

So, what sets Raw One apart from other vitamin supplements?  They claim:

Each vitamin and mineral contained in The Vitamin Code multinutrient formulas is individually cultivated resulting in a process that mimics plant activity.  In nature, plants transform inorganic material into useable and bioavailable nutrients.  Similarly, the Vitamin Code Process transforms isolated nutrients, renaturing them into whole foods.

... Until the Vitamin Code®, there have been few options available for those who wish to supplement with a RAW, living multivitamin.  The Vitamin Code represents the next breakthrough in multivitamins.

Interesting.  So you can get a multi-vitamin that more closely resembles your natural foods.

You know what else closely resembles our natural foods? 
Our natural foods!  Fresh, whole, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

I hope you don't find my sarcasm too overbearing, but this really gets to me.  I can't stand this sort of backwards thinking -- especially from people who influence the public's health decisions.

We don't need scientists to engineer healthy foods for us.  They already exist in perfect abundance.

What we do need is to stop running in the wrong direction.

I can't believe how many of the raw gurus out there jump on board with this kind of thing.  It's totally misguided and sends the wrong message to everyone who follows them.  How can someone who believes in raw natural health recommend people waste their money on this?

I've said it before and I'll say it many times again.  Don't waste your money on expensive supplements!

You don't need them.  The best multi-vitamin is a healthy, raw-vegan diet, loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables.

In fact, as the folks at Raw One admit themselves,

No supplement can compare to the benefits associated with consuming RAW foods.

Perhaps we can find a little common ground after all.


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