Read to Understand for Raw Diet Success
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at 10:00AM
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If you want to really succeed with your raw diet, one of the best things you can do is read, read, read. 

Read to learn the foundations

You've likely already flipped through my book, and perhaps several other raw books as well.  That's a great start, but you don't want to stop there.  Don't just read about the raw diet once and put the books on the shelf.  No matter how attentive you are, I guarantee you won't get everything down on the first try.  There are too many old cooked habits to un-learn and new raw habits to put in their place.  You can't expect yourself to remember them all at once.  It will just be information overload. 

Keep reading to make it stick

You really need a deep understanding in order to do your raw-vegan diet well.  I learned that myself the long way.  The first two years of my raw diet weren't very successful because I had the wrong understanding.  The key is to keep reading on a regular basis.  Keep referring back to what you've read repeatedly until you've really got it all down.  Reenforce the information until you can't possibly forget it. 

Once you really understand, it's easy

After you gain time and experience, it will become intuitive.  You won't even need to give it a second thought.  The key is to get to the point where you truly understand what you're feeding your body. 

The point where you really understand why today's "modern" food products are so unhealthy, and why fresh, raw fruits and vegetables are exactly what our bodies are meant to thrive on. 

The point where you're able to read the signs your body is giving you and respond accordingly. 

When you get to this level of understanding, making the right choices becomes effortless.  This is when you'll start to feel your very best.  The best way to get there is to keep reading.


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