Calling All Vegetarians! Get Your Priorities Straight. (Part 2)
Friday, December 4, 2009 at 12:00PM
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In my previous post, I used an anecdote about a recent staff function to illustrate a couple of issues I see with many vegetarians and vegans. 

My first point was that they make their diet into a religion and define their lives by it.  I've already elaborated on this and explained why I feel this is a sign of vegans losing their focus somewhere along the way. 

My second point was that they blindly follow the notion that nothing is healthy unless it's totally plant-derived; and vice versa, anything plant-derived is healthy.  That's what I want to talk about today. 

Why eat a vegan or vegetarian diet?

The easiest way for me to discuss this issue is to start at the beginning.  So, I'll ask the question... 

Why eat a vegan or vegetarian diet? 

The obvious answer is, because it's healthier than eating a meat- and dairy-based diet. 

Our bodies are equipped to handle fresh fruits and vegetables most effectively, and these foods are loaded with the best macro- and micronutrients our bodies need to experience excellent health.  

It's not only about what you "DON'T" eat

Most vegans focus hardcore on what they don't do (eating meat and dairy) and base their dietary principles around this.  But they're missing half the point. 

What you "DO" eat matters just as much

When you remove meat and dairy from your diet, what do you replace those foods with?  Strangely, this often seems to come as an afterthought.  It's almost as though people believe it's not so important. 

Processed food products are not an improvement

If you only care about meeting the definition of vegan, it's easy to get sidetracked.  Hence, we see all the vegan processed food products that are basically "un-meat" or "un-dairy" built in the image of the original. These processed products are loaded with salts, oils and other bad choices, and are often worse for you than the original animal products they're intended to replace. 

Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables

Focusing solely on what you don't eat isn't good enough.  What you also need to look at is what you do eat.  That's fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.  That's what should comprise the bulk of your diet.  Drop the meat and cheese... and grains too for that matter, and actively replace them with fruits and vegetables.  Then you'll be eating a truly healthy diet. 

Remember: Don't blindly think that eating "vegan" automatically means you're eating "healthy".  It often doesn't.  That only tells what you're not eating.  The second half of the deal is to make sure you replaces those foods with the right choices.


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