Automated Indoor Compost Machine
Monday, August 31, 2009 at 10:38AM
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Living on a piece of property with a fairly big yard, I've never really had much trouble dealing with my compost.  Sure I go through a ton of cores, rinds and peels, but with a bunch of large composting units out back, there's always been somewhere to put it.  For those out there who live in apartments or condos, composting might be a bigger hassle.  The idea of indoor composting doesn't sound too appealing.  That's just common sense, right?

The other day I stumbled across an interesting website.  After watching a short video clip, I started to wonder if indoor composting might be a viable option after all.  The video is quick -- only about 2 minutes long.  Take a peek for yourself if you're interested. 


To be clear, I'm not reviewing NatureMill's product.  I've never seen one in person and certainly haven't experienced using one.  The idea does seem intriguing, however.  As the video mentions, food wastes constitute a huge portion of today's landfill waste and this can certainly be avoided. It would sure be nice to eventually have some form of urban composting become the norm.

Here's a link to NatureMill's site if you want to follow up further:


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