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Is it Okay to Use Frozen Fruit on My Raw-Vegan Diet?

Frozen fruit is fine.

There’s no reason to avoid frozen fruit, and I use it myself on a regular basis.  Nearly all the berries that I use in my smoothies are frozen, because it isn’t remotely economical for me to use fresh ones during most of the year.  There’s a window of about two months where I can use fresh berries — either picked from the backyard, or bought at the store — but otherwise I’d have to buy really expensive imported varieties.  Unless you live somewhere with plenty of fresh berries at cheap (or free) prices, I suspect you’ll also be using frozen berries yourself.  This isn’t a big deal. Frozen fruits aren’t quite as good as fresh ones, but they’re really close.  Freezing doesn’t cause the nasty chemical changes that cooking does and much of the nutritional value remains intact. 

Thaw it first

The only thing to keep in mind regarding frozen fruit is to let it thaw before you use it.  Eating cold food is like putting an ice pack into your stomach.  As soon as you eat it, it causes your stomach to contract.  Just imagine how you’d react if someone doused you with ice water — you’d likely curl into a fetal position and shiver.  This is exactly how your stomach reacts to eating frozen fruit, and that’s not a good thing.  A cold, contracted stomach shuts down and suspends digestion, leaving your meal sitting in a frigid state of limbo, which can lead to indigestion.  To avoid this problem, simply let your fruit thaw first, either by soaking it in warm water or by moving it out of the freezer and into the refrigerator a day or two in advance.  As long as you keep this in mind, you shouldn’t worry about using frozen fruit as part of your raw-vegan diet.


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