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New Facebook Fanpage!

Hi everyone,

In today's post I'd like to let you know about a little project I've been working on this week. 

It's a Facebook page dedicated to the followers of Real-World Raw Health and Nutrition.

The purpose of the Facebook page is to provide a place for easy discussion.  I want to give you all an easy place to ask questions, and meet other members of the RWR community.  You can also share the Real-World Raw experience with your other friends on Facebook and help us connect to more people.

All my regular content (the blog posts, newsletters, etc) will continue as usual, based from my main site, but I'd like to see all my followers visit me on this page as well.  I really feel that developing a dialogue in all directions will add another interesting dynamic to Real-World Raw.

At this point we're only just getting started and I've barely sent out any invitations.  Those of you reading this post are some of the first to hear about it.  If you have any friends you know would be interested, please politely float an invitation their way too.  The more members we get on board, the more valuable our discussions will be. 

The easiest way to get to the Facebook page is to click the link on my site.  You can always find it on the left margin of my blog page.  (Next to the RSS and Twitter links).  I've also included a nice big link here on this blog post.

Hope to see you there!  :^)



P.S.  I apologize for getting this post up a day late, but something came up unexpectedly.  Everything should be back to normal for the coming week, with the regular Mon-Fri @ 10am schedule.


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