True hunger vs. False hunger
Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at 12:00PM
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Next time you find yourself eagerly eyeing that piece of cake even though you know you're stuffed, here's a little something to consider.

Not all hunger is the same

In fact, not all "hunger" is actually hunger.  On a very simple level, our feelings of hunger can be broken into two distinct classes: True hunger and false hunger.

False hunger

We experience false hunger when we desire food even though our body has no need for it.  False hunger is often brought on by a stimulated appetite.  Appetite can be stimulated by condiments, spices, salt, sugar and other flavoring agents that are often added to our foods.  These additives provide virtually no nutrition whatsoever.  Their only purpose is to trick our bodies into finding unnatural foods to be appealing.  When we are attracted to food merely because of a stimualted appetite, we are not experiencing true hunger.  We are only being drawn to eat for recreational purposes, not for any physiological need.

True hunger

True hunger is different.  It's not a matter of appetite at all.  When you’re truly hungry, you aren’t very picky about what you want eat.  Any food will seem appealing, whether it’s your favorite or not.  You’ll be equally as willing to eat a mango, a green smoothie, or a big salad as you would be anything else (including that piece of cake).  They'll all look great because your body genuinely desires to be fueled.  This is different from just wanting to eat for the fun of it.

Am I truly hungry? 

Next time you find yourself thinking that you simply must have that piece of cake even though you're too full to walk, ask yourself a simple question: "Am I truly hungry?  If that was an apple sitting there instead of a sugary dessert, would I still be thinking about food right now?"  It's a simple question, and the better you become at answering it truthfully, the healthier and happier you will be.


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