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Taking the Time to Listen

Today, I have a random thought  to share.  This was originally a Facebook post I made this evening, but as I wrote it, it felt somewhat blog-worthy.  I've decided to share it again:

I just spent an hour talking with a total stranger as we browsed the business section at Chapters.  I learned a lot about this man's experiences in life, family, business and career, and it didn't cost me a penny.  Afterward, we just wished each other well and continued on our ways. We didn't even feel the need to introduce ourselves.  There was no need to.  It's not like we're keeping score, and we likely won't even cross paths again.

It's was such a simple moment, yet it seemed strange somehow.  I don't think strangers interact this way enough in our culture, today.  Everyone is in a rush.  Everyone has expectations. Everyone wants something from you.  It was a refreshing change – Just two people talking about life.  I should remember to slow down and make a point of talking to strangers more often... regardless of that old adage we're told as children.


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