Attention Health Enthusiasts and Raw Foodists:
You're about to discover the ONLY kitchen appliance you'll ever need!


“Are You Having Trouble

Getting Enough Fruits and Vegetables

Into Your Diet?”


"Healthy Eating is Now
Quicker and Easier Than Ever!


Dear fellow health enthusiasts,

How much is your health worth to you?

Suppose you could live every day feeling light and energetic, and happy about yourself -- confident that you're eating in your body’s best interest.

Imagine… getting all your nutritional needs from fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables without having to resort to heavy foods like nuts, dried fruit and oils to “fill you up.”

If only you could satisfy your true hunger without feeling tired and weighed down after a meal, or keep yourself interested in eating a raw or vegetarian diet without having to spend hours preparing frustrating, complicated recipes.


Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you have the right tool at your disposal!

As you know, the “Trick” to succeeding in a raw lifestyle is eating
enough volume of fruits and vegetables to provide you with enough calories to satisfy your hunger.

This can seem impossible if you're used to eating dense, concentrated, cooked foods like starches, meats and oils.

That's certainly how I felt for many months when I first started trying to go raw. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to stumble across this amazing product and finally solve the secrets of eating an optimal raw diet!

With this ONE tool at my disposal, I've achieved my goal of becoming a raw-vegan and easily kept myself there for over four years and counting!  I've found my stride and have never looked back!


Before I tell you everything about this amazing product,

I just want to give you a brief explanation of how I came
to own one myself!



My name's Mike Dillman and I’ve been a raw foodist since January 2004.

When I started out trying to go raw

I was floundering and confused. I was basically living off dried fruit and nuts and I felt like crap.

I knew it was important to eat fresh produce and not rely on heavy foods, but when I did that I always felt hungry.  I always found myself falling back to “cheating” with bread and other grain products. I couldn’t figure out the problem.

Well, the problem was the volume I was eating -- or rather, the volume I wasn't eating. When you're used to eating concentrated foods, you think that a similar-sized portion of fruit will satisfy your hunger. That simply isn't the case.

The water content in fruits and vegetables is much higher than in processed foods, so you need to eat a larger volume to get the same amount of calories.

When I realized this and did a breakdown of how many calories I was getting in my diet, I found I was falling drastically short! That was why I kept “falling off the wagon” and going back to grains to meet my calorie deficits.

I'm pretty active person, and as a result I usually eat 3000 or more calories per day. That’s a lot of fruit!

I realized that the only practical way for a busy, active person to get enough calories while eating a raw vegan diet is to make smoothies. Big smoothies!




"Introducing the

Essential Breakthrough Product for

Succeeding on a Raw-Vegan Diet!"



The Vita-Mix 5200

This beauty is the
ultimate smoothie-making powerhouse,
and the perfect tool to ensure your  
success  on a raw-vegan diet!


Because of this amazing machine, I'm now eating a raw-vegan diet with ease!

And you can too!


The Vita-Mix 5200 is not a Blender! Let's get that out of the way right now! Sure, it looks like a blender, but calling a Vita-Mix a blender is a gross understatement...

The truth of the matter is that a Vita-Mix outclasses your conventional blender in every possible way!


Here's a Few Reasons Why A Vita-Mix 5200 is Vastly Superior
to any department store blender:


  • The Vita-Mix comes with a massive half-gallon (64oz / 2 Liter) container which is large enough to fit even the biggest of smoothies.  No more making your smoothies in stages!
  • The laser-cut, stainless steel blades are optimized for making spectacular smoothies in seconds!

  • By masterfully break down whole foods right down to their cell walls, your food's nutrients are made very highly absorbable!

  • The blades are virtually indestructible!  I once accidentally ran my Vita-Mix with a metal spoon in the container... It did a number on the spoon, and astoundingly to my relief the blades were unscathed!

  • The Vita-Mix is equipped with a motor that clocks in at over two horsepower!
    (To make a comparison, the average department store blender is about 1/16 of a horsepower!)

  • Its powerful motor can handle everything you throw at it because it's blades can move at speeds up to 240 mph!
    (I literally toss in apples, pears, bananas, celery, carrots, etc in whole!)
    Yet it's versatile enough to drop down to 11 mph to puree a handful of strawberries!

  • The patented tamper (plunger) tool makes it easy to get all your ingredients down to the blades safely and efficiently -- even when tackling big jobs!
    No missing fingers!

  • The secure, splatter and spill-proof lid keeps your ceiling clean, and the removable inset cap allows you to add ingredients while the machine runs!

  • The entire unit is fabulously easy to clean! No disassembly needed! No nooks and crannies! I just rinse mine out at the kitchen sink -- Takes 10-15 seconds!

  • Don't worry about tossing in frozen foods.  Handles them easily too!

  • Unlike ANY juicers out there, the Vita-Mix 5200 doesn't discard the precious pulp!
    Instead it blends it entirely with the juices, creating a silky smoothie every time!

  • By saving the pulp, the Vita-Mix 5200 utilizes the entire food, creating a truly whole food smoothie!

  • A Vita-Mix smoothie retains all the precious fiber, nutrients, and phytonutrients of your
    raw fruits and vegetables, and frees them up to be best absorbed by your body,
    promoting spectacular health!




Now, I hear that little bird on your shoulder...

“That all sounds great Mike, but is a blender that's as
amazing as the Vita-Mix really necessary?”

Well, in my opinion...


“Yes!!! Absolutely, Yes!!!”



Remember the reason you're reading this. 
You're serious about your health and about incorporating raw, whole foods in your diet – about becoming a raw vegan!

This is a phenomenally important decision that you've made!

It is a momentous step in your life.
It places you at the threshold of a greater state of health than you've ever experienced -- one which unfortunately very few people experience today!

I congratulate you for making that decision!

Being a raw-vegant, or a healthy person in general, is a lifestyle. It's a wonderful lifestyle! In my opinion, it is the ultimate lifestyle! And like any true lifestyle, you need to adopt its habits to a level of consistency!

You'll find yourself using your Vita-Mix every day!
Once you are finally able to experience the raw diet the way it is truly meant to be, you will never go back!

If you're struggling with your raw diet, you can win the battle now! Dried fruit, nuts, and oils are not the answer! Plenty of fruit is the answer, and there's no easier way to eat an abundance of fresh, whole, raw fruit and vegetables than by making spectacular smoothies with your Vita-Mix!

You could be stubborn and try to get by with a cheap department store blender, but I really wouldn’t recommend it! Your chances of success would be poor.

The puny container wouldn’t hold anything substantial, and you’d have to make baby-sized-smoothie after baby-sized-smoothie to fill your rumbling stomach!

On top of that, the wimpy motor, wouldn’t be able to handle much more than bananas and water, unless you dice everything up in advanced – and I can guarantee you won’t be liking that redundant task for long!

Remember, you want to succeed on a raw diet! And that means doing it right, by eating primarily fruit. And I know you simply aren’t going to do it without the right tool – the Vita-Mix 5200.

That’s not a stab at you – I wouldn’t do it, either!  I would have gotten frustrated and given up, years ago!  And that’s exactly my whole point!

You need to make this diet easy, so you have no excuses to prevent you from succeeding! I know what’s worth it and what isn’t!


I’ve already been down this road, and I know that

I would NEVER want to travel it again without my Vita-Mix!

Don’t let your equipment be the weak link!


We’re talking about your health, here! There’s nothing more valuable to you than that!

Make the small, one-time investment now, and reap the benefits in the form of splendid health for the rest of your long, enjoyable life!

I know I’m never going to regret making that decision, myself!




Because you're here reading this, I know you're serious about your health. 
I just want to remind you of some of the health benefits you can look forward to when you start living the raw-vegan diet with your own Vita-Mix!


  • You'll lose those excess pounds that have always seemed impossible to shed!

  • You'll do your heart a huge favor! There's no salt or cholesterol in fruits and vegetables!

  • The increased pectin in your diet will help flush out the cholesterol that may have already built up in your body!

  • You'll experience almost no gas, and heartburn will be non-existent, as everything will digest properly! (Assuming proper food combining, of course!)

  • You'll experience the natural, regular, unlabored bowel movements that are such a rarity in our society today. (Your colon will breathe a sigh of relief!) Don't laugh, it's actually a really big deal for your overall health.

  • The greatly lessened levels of fat in your diet, and the rise in whole fruits and vegetables will help prevent the risk of diabetes from ever rearing its ugly mug. (Remember: Juicers don’t include the fiber, so the resulting sugar rush can throw your glycemic-index out of whack. The Vita-Mix uses everything, creating a blood-sugar-friendly whole food.)

  • The enormous increase in antioxidants that you will gain by increasing your fruit intake will do wonders towards repairing free radical damage, and that is a giant leap towards preventing cancer and disease!

  • The resulting pH shift in your diet from acidic to alkaline will mean that your body won’t be constantly losing the war against acid build-up! That can mean a two-fold range of benefits – both physical and emotional!

  • For example, the shift towards alkalinity will help strengthen your teeth and bones, because your body won’t have to deplete its calcium reserves to neutralize the excess acidity!

  • Also, maintaining a less-acidic pH will naturally increase your mood!
    Both I, and those who know me, can definitely notice the change in my personality, as compared to several years ago, when I used to eat meat and lots of pasteurized dairy products. (Both of which are very acid-forming.) I used to be very irritable and tense, but now am much more personable and easy-going! Hence, this smiley face! ;^D

  • You'll definitely find that you're less susceptible to colds because of the vitamin boost your body will be receiving, and because your leukocytes (white blood cells) will no longer be preoccupied with fighting all the cooked-food cells in your system!

    I can honestly say that I haven't had anything worse than a minor tickle in the throat or the occasional low-energy day since I went raw. 

    I've never had to called in sick even once, and I'm exposed to literally hundreds of germ-infested people at work, daily! You'll definitely find that you fight off illness much better when eating a raw-vegan diet.


 We could go on for an eternity talking about the benefits!


It seems that almost everyone develops some disease or health condition these days – and unfortunately many people have several of them!
I strongly believe that nearly all of those are preventable or treatable by adopting a raw-vegan lifestyle.

Going raw is the ultimate move you can make towards improving your health and preserving it for the rest of your life.

And the easiest way to make the raw diet convenient is with a Vita-Mix!

Why struggle trying to keep yourself motivated to do a diet that really isn’t living up to your expectations, when you can make it successful, effortlessly!

In only fifteen minutes a day, you can start feeding your body the food it has been begging for all your life.

That’s three, quick, easy, delicious, satisfying whole-food smoothies, whole-food soups, and whole-food juices – only five minutes each! 
It really is that easy!





The Vita-Mix 5200 really is

the only kitchen appliance you'll ever need

to flourish on a raw-vegan diet!



I’ve got a fridge and my Vita-Mix!  That’s it! No dehydrator, no juicer, no food processor…

Don’t waste your money on things you’ll never need!


Make the one-time investment on a Vita-Mix!  I know you won’t regret it!

The money you spend on a quality Vita-Mix is nothing at all compared to
the lifetime of splendid health you get in return.  I really can’t say it enough.


And, hey! I’ve got a Nice Bonus for you, too!

I mean, in addition to a life filled with
good health, of course!



I can help you out a bit with the cost!

That’s right, Free Shipping!


That’s a guaranteed savings of $25.00 US, or $35.00 CDN!
Just make sure that you write that number down, right now!
That's like finding money on the ground!


If you order online, just make sure you enter the Vita-Mix site
by way of the link provided below and it should recognize
my number automatically.

  If you place your Vita-Mix order by fax or phone,
just remember to tell them my affiliate number.

If you still aren't certain that a Vita-Mix is exactly the tool you need to make your raw-vegan diet a success, remember this:

There’s really no risk at all, because Vita-Mix takes all the worry away!

Every Vita-Mix comes with a 7-Year Warranty and a
30-day, no-risk, money back guarantee!


You can try out your own Vita-Mix Super 5000 at home, and, like they say:


"If you don't think Vita-Mix is helping you improve your health, get more nutrition, and feel better... If you're not sure Vita-Mix saves you time and money... If you aren't convinced the Vita-Mix machine is the most versatile appliance in your kitchen, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price."




Obviously, I'm extremely impressed with the product Vita-Mix offers,
and believe that the Vita-Mix is an indispensable tool when it comes to achieving lasting success on a raw-vegan diet.

I urge you to make the ultimate investment in your health and give a Vita-Mix a try today!  If you're truly interested in experiencing the highest level of health available to you -- something that we all deserve -- you owe it to yourself to take this step.


If you haven't already, write down my affiliate number 06-002109
and guarantee yourself free shipping.


Then go ahead and click on this link or the image below
to go straight to the raw food section of the the Vita-Mix site.


There you can view the range of fabulous models that Vita-Mix has to offer!





If you have any further questions that you'd like to ask me personally about my own Vita-Mix experiences, please don't hesitate to contact me.



As always,

To your abundant health,

Mike Dillman